Paper For Riso 3


Image of Paper For Riso 3

我們收集了各方的意見後,2021年我們終於能發布新版本的「Paper For Riso 3 」,相隔「Paper For Riso 1, 2 」 已經是兩年了。這次的主要目的是收集最適合印刷 Risograph 的厚紙(180gsm 以上)。希望能幫助所有Risograph愛好者實現更好看的作品。

After collecting opinions from all parties, we will finally be able to release a new version of "Paper For Riso 3" in 2021. It has been two years since "Paper For Riso 1, 2". The main purpose for this is to collect thick paper (above 180gsm) that is most suitable for printing Risograph. Hope to help all Risograph lovers to achieve better-looking works.


Size: 140mm x 50mm
Printing: Risograph
Paper: >180gsm
pages: 100 pages
Edition: 300