[SRA3 Color Tole Bag]—Our playing colour on the cloth


Image of [SRA3 Color Tole Bag]—Our playing colour on the cloth

[SRA3 colour Tole bag] - 這是我們在布上玩顏色的最終成果

這一兩年我們都迷上了Gradient,所以我們都著心研究如何能做到呈現Gradient的最好方法,無論用risograph或數碼印刷甚至大型印刷機上我們都期待著效果,不過一直都只是紙張上做實驗,突發奇想就很想在布上做到這樣的效果,經過不段嘗試這個彩色的SRA3 Tolebag就是我們最終的試驗成果。


[SRA3 Color Tole Bag]——Our playing colour on the cloth

In the past two years, we have been study a lot on Gradient and studying how to show the best way of Gradient. Whether it is with Risograph or Digital printing, or even on large-scale printing presses, we all look forward to the effect however we have only experimented on paper, so that why we come to an idea how this effect look on cloth. After many experiments, this colorful SRA3 Tole bag is the result of our final experiment.

We have gone through many steps and time to achieve this effect, and the effect has been unsatisfactory. Finally, we decided the printed cloth effect can be used. However we face another colour problem, the texture and thickness of the cloth can affect a lot. In the end we chose the thin woven thread with a higher density that made with polyester fabric that can appeared the freshness colour and our Tole bag is done finally.

Size:SRA3 (13x19 inch)
Shoulder length:29cm